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Sri Lanka Information

The unique information provider based in Sri Lanka

Info Sri Lanka is the latest sensation to hit the Internet and it focuses on every aspect of Sri Lanka, especially on its spellbinding tourism. Sri Lanka is land of opportunities, a land of warm and friendly people, and a land of spectacular beauty. Therefore Info Sri Lanka has taken initiative to spread the word about our mother Lanka to the people of each and every nation of the globe. You can find any information your heart desires in one convenient location at Info Sri Lanka. Info Sri Lanka is not just one single website but an array of dozens of websites created to cater to your every demand and provide you sufficient and reliable information on topics ranging from the pristine and breath-taking beaches of Sri Lanka to the details of the illustrious happenings and bars of the country. Join Info Sri Lanka and get access to breath-taking photographs, video clips, accurate and up-to-date information, as well as details of the most important and latest events of Sri Lanka.

A Better Sri Lanka

Info Sri Lanka constantly and continuously aims to provide a service to the society of Sri Lanka and boost its image locally and globally. Info Sri Lanka primarily deals with the tourism sector of Sri Lanka and hopes to provide tourists, both domestic and foreign, with a valuable and efficient service. Furthermore, charity and non-profit projects, such as providing medicinal assistance to rural areas and distributing educational material for underprivileged school children, will be an integral part of Info Sri Lanka.

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